Friday, 26 May 2017

Hot Blonde Cock Tease Kelly Stafford

Showing you her pert little behind in a tiny lace thong, and just treating you to a glimpse of her ample breasts and a solitary nipple, Kelly loves to pose for the camera.

She parts her juicy lips to tempt your throbbing cock inside, and turns her bottom towards you, as in the arse is where she loves it best.

All thats left for her to do now, is part those firm thighs, spread wide her long sexy legs, and bend over in her slutty stripper heels.

Pull her panties aside to reveal her wet and warm, inviting holes, throbbing for penetration.

She would love you to ride her ass, fucking her deep in her tight little arse hole. She loves to orgasm to the sound of your groans, as you thrust your hard cock in balls deep. Make her buttocks quiver as you bang her hard and fast, slapping her cheeks to a warm red glow.

Grip her thighs tight, to hold her steady and upright as she balances in her clear stripper heels. Grab her massive boobs to hold her up when you bend her lower, and spread her long legs wider, entering her anal cavity deeper with each push.

She loves to push back on a pounding cock, to strengthen the power of the gush of sperm as you spray your hot cum deep into her arse.

She will kneel in a puddle of her own cum dribbles, to suck clean your spent sticky dick.
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Naughty English Girl Kelly Stafford

English girl Kelly is one of the finest porn stars ever to come out of Europe.
From the very start of her career it was hardcore that she felt comfortable with. She has performed with many of the leading names in the business, but its the special perverted relationship she has with Italian Stallion Rocco that see's some of Kelly's deepest sexual desires come out.
The action in all her movies can only be described as truly natural however extreme it appears, she is a girl who likes to be pushed beyond her limits in all kinds of ways. As well as starring in them Kelly has directed some of her own and best work.
Start watching the best of Kelly.....
Where to find video and pictures of Kelly Stafford
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

See Kelly Directed Movies With Partner in Crime Rocco Siffredi Anal movies

The Only Place for Exclusive Kelly Stafford Content

See Kelly Stafford in anal sex films with Rocco Siffredi. This clip of one of her videos shows her taking the monster cock of Rocco easily. Her lovely soft smooth arse hole stretches and gapes for fucking. She loves it when Rocco satisfies her anal needs. The Only Place for Exclusive Kelly Stafford Content
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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Anal Porn Star Slut Kelly Stafford

Sexy Porn Star Kelly Stafford In Stripper Heels
Rocco Siffredi takes Kelly Stafford anally from behind. She is his favourite British busty blonde play thing. He loves to thrust his Italian stallion cock, balls deep in all her holes. And she loves to take it. He have fucked her thousands on times, dipping his dong deep in her tight little arse and pussy holes, and fucked her mouth, pushing his massive cock deep into her throat. She has been delighted and excited as he has covered her in countless gallons of hot Italian spunk. Cum on her big boobs, dripping stickiness from her nipples. Hot sperm shooting deep into her deep dark anal cavity. Spunk in her mouth, sweet and sticky on her tongue. Tight cunt hole fiiled with hot cum. He pulls oped her lips, to thrust deeper inside, so she can feel his balls slamming against her freshly fucked bum. Watch him fuck her in all positions, in every hole in their movies. See his cover her in his hot sticky load. Watch her eat up every drop he offers, sperm and piss, she drinks it all. In all different places, in all scenarios. Just the two of them, or with other horny guys and bitches joining them, Kelly loves to have fun for the camera with them all.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Porn Star Kelly Stafford

Horny blonde busy cock slut Kelly Stafford, films outdoors and indoors. It doesn't matter to her whether she is all glammed up, posing nude on the beach, or roughing it in a dusty store room. As long as her hunger for cock is fed, she loves it all ways. From anal sex, to blowjobs. From lesbian sex, to dogging. Nympho Kelly just can't get enough.

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UK Porn Star Kelly Stafford


The Only Place for Exclusive Kelly Stafford Content
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Monday, 15 May 2017